A Letter To My Friends and Family…

A Letter to My Friends and Family.

Thank YOU! Thank you for being there while i learned to paint better. Thank you for being there for the many days of incredible self doubt as an artist. For the last ten plus years I have been doing my best to make art and sell it to people and you have been there for me. Some of you bought art from me when me and my family were broke! You made sure we had bread and peanut butter. I have been asked to Live Paint at some really cool events and with some of my favorite local bands. I chased down BIG ideas, all while you were there watching my progress on facebook or my blog. I had years where I made paintings pretty much every day to end up giving them away. The Gift Prolific taught me that I can do big things one step at a time….you were with me that whole time. I have made so many friends over the years and my next big project was to quit my job and give the full-time gig a try and you were there right away to support me.

I started volunteering for ArtSpan and still do to this day. Volunteering for the SF Arts Non Profit has taught me so much. And helped advance things as well….My painting was chosen to be the cover of SF Open Studios guide and was plastered all over the city on buses and trains bringing my art to even more people. I have gone from being in lots of little group shows to staging my own solo shows…..and you all showed up every time. I have had huge print jobs come my way because of you and they paid tons of my bills. I have had big shows with artists that I know and respect. I got the chance to design and paint a 6000 square foot mural with artists that I respect very much….and that mural has graced the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle! That’s something I will never get over. I have paintings all over the world…including a few in the Burning Man HQ.

All of these things were just dreams a few years ago. And none of them would have happened if it weren’t for you supporting me at every single turn. Today is the first day of year 3 (full-time). I am prepping 2 huge solo shows. And you are with me now. I will do my best to continue to tell my story and have a great time.. Thank you for being with me every single day….in my head, my heart, and my life. Making paintings on Team Coffy. Thanks for reading. Have a fantastic day!



About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at www.undersong.com as well. Thanks for your time.
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One Response to A Letter To My Friends and Family…

  1. I love your perspective and grateful nature, you are an inspiration!

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