Bird of SF #4 CAUGHT!

Daylight savings time ruined my plan to go horseback riding with my partner this Sunday morning. I had been looking forward to it all week, but, we overslept and missed our window of opportunity.  I found myself brooding in a mood of disappointment rather than embracing the gorgeous, sun filled day bestowed on us. I was ready to be content scouring the internet in my cavernous room for distracted amusement.

I pulled up Facebook and the first post I read was from my friend and a favorite SF artist, Josh Coffy, announcing that he had placed Bird print #4, from his Gift Prolific Project, out in public to be found.  The only clue was a photo of it in front of a sculpture of a young colt and the San Jose street sign behind it.

Ironically, the horse is the most epic creature to grace the earth as far as I am concerned.  I am magnetically drawn to all of them…especially when they are found in the City of SF that I rarely am outside of. However, I only recently came to take note of this beautiful little colt sculpture a few days ago on my way to work at Secession Art & Design.   I have lived and worked in and around this same neighborhood for quite a while so believe the Colt is a somewhat new addition.  OR, I saw it just when I did so I could later find this bird print!

Anyways, I readily identified the Colt in the FB post and without a moment’s hesitation sprang into action to make a mad dash for it.  I jumped out of my reclining state of laziness, grabbed my keys and ran out my front door. I had about a 10 block jaunt of off/on sprinting mixed with speed walking in the glorious Ozone affected Springtime heat before I came upon the Parklet. I spotted the little horse but feared I was beat to the punch in staking ownership of the print. Then, with great elation, I saw the bird singing from a Parklet bench waiting patiently to be claimed. I felt like I had just gone on a treasure hunt and struck gold!  All feelings of previous disappointment were erased by those of random fortuitousness.

Thank you, Josh, and your enormous generous heart. I think this is an incredibly worthwhile and engaging project. While I am lucky to know and call you my friend, I can’t help but be excited for all those “strangers” out there that are going to stumble upon other Gift Prolific birds you and your family place all over our City every week this year, and the impact and domino effect your generosity will inevitably spread throughout the community.  I promise, in my way, to pay it forward.


Thank you SO MUCH to Dianne Hoffman for the letter and the fabulous picture!  Please check out Dianne’s Amazing artwork.  We are working together on a show together that will take place in June at Secession Art and Design!


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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