Tagalong (Feb. Marathon #8)

Cedar WaxwingAs I turned the corner to the entrance of Safeway there she was…..tiny green vested fairy selling her delicious wares.  I smiled.  It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season.  Woohoo!  So I stopped to talk to the girl scout and her dad.  I bought 3 boxes of cookies and gave her a $20.  As she was about to make change I told her that the extra $5 was for her troupe.  And to keep being awesome.  God Damn I love me some Girl Scout Cookies!!!  hehe.  That was my gift for the day.  I also gifted someone a print and they in turn gifted us a bed for Darwin….But that is a longer story for another day.  Perhaps Tuesday….

This painting is of one of my all time favorite birds….The Cedar Waxwing.  I have yet to see one on my birding adventures.  I love their colors….their shape….everything.  So great.  I must admit that I did not paint this painting today.  I am sidelined by sleepiness so I am posting this painting as a stand in for the Marathon.  It sure beats staying up all night and driving myself mad.  Anyway….here ya go.  Thank you for supporting my art and my projects.

As with all of the February Marathon pieces this one (above) is for sale in my ETSY store….or you can email me if you like.  $125.00 plus shipping.  This piece will make a nice gift….even if its for you.  Thank you!

On a side not I did my panel for Intersection Direction tonight…Here is my piece for that project.  (At least I painted something tonight).  Here is my assigned piece and my interpretation of it.



About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at www.undersong.com as well. Thanks for your time.
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