Strings Between The Cans (Feb. Marathon #7)

gp_feb14_07_fbToday has been a day of communication.  For the last few weeks I have been really nervous about a few commissions that I have accepted.  Some of them are looking for art that I think may be out of my range.  At least that’s how it is in my head.  So today I called one of my clients and talked to them about it.  It was really great to find out that my art is exactly what she is looking for.  I felt a wave of calm and relief take over.  Sigh.  I had this exact conversation a few days earlier with another client.  And got the same result.  I guess that I am feeling a little insecure either about my art or about my communication and understanding of what my clients are looking for.  It’s nice to get clear on these things and just go for it.  Today’s gift is sort of connected….I helped Craig make a JIB for his camera for his upcoming movie.  I had no idea what a JIB was until a few weeks ago.  Think of a giant swivel arm that you could mount a movie camera to and make sweep fluid shots for movies.  Anyway….I went out and bought some necessary tools and tried to prepare for our build.  Craig showed up and we had a lot of fun, but we didn’t really succeed in finishing the JIB.  We mad a few mistakes and are going to need to approach it a little differently on our second try.  It really makes a HUGE difference to have the right tools and the experience.  And I can say that I may not be a skilled JOB builder….I am a skilled painter.  With a lot of the right tools and a lot of experience.  Thanks to all of my clients, family and friends for making me a better communicator and a better painter.

This painting is ‘2 Birds with One Stone’…It is doing double duty.  My friend Doug Tiemann is recording an album and asked me to do the album cover art for it.  After struggling with some ideas I told him a while back that it might be easier to pick something that I have already done…he agreed and I agreed to keep sketching and working out ideas.  When I showed him the work in progress on today’s piece he sounded mega excited.  So this piece is for Doug to use for his album ‘The Crooked Road’.  I am psyched that this piece helped me get one more thing off of my to do list.  Take care.


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My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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