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Big News 1 &2

Big News Part 1!  It’s that time of year again!  Tomorrow marks the start of this year’s February Marathon!  Each day in February I will give a gift or do some act of kindness.  I will then come back to … Continue reading

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Thinking About Sherrodsville (gp14_week4)

Today is January 28th.  It is my Grandma Clow’s Birthday. She passed away in 2012.  She taught all of us about kindness and I miss her dearly.  I have said this before….she introduced me to the magic of birdwatching and is … Continue reading

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Sweet and Low Key (gp14_week3)

This has been a pretty mellow week for me.  I was still pretty burnt out on making art and I really needed to change that.  At least for my deadline’s sake.  I did make it out to an art show … Continue reading

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Comfort Food…..Part 2

I have been feeling pretty “down in the dumps” for the last few days.  Some sort of funk derived, at least in part, by my current round of cabin fever.  And I suppose some of it is from being a … Continue reading

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Comfort Food (gp14_Week2)

A few months ago, November 1st to be sure, I was doing a live painting gig at the Elbo Room in the Mission.  The band on stage was my friend Rafael’s band La Gente.  They are a really fun band … Continue reading

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Welcoming Myself Back….(gp14_week1)

Welcome back to the Gift Prolific!  You can’t see it, but I am smiling from ear to ear.  I have missed my ‘little project’ and I am so very excited to be able to do it again.  This week has … Continue reading

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Love Is In The Air….(Stacy’s Painting)

I got another super letter from someone that got a painting in 2012.  Check it out. “Better late than never… I picked up painting #047 at Burning Man 2012. I have a spiritual connection to Orca, and an affinity to … Continue reading

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