The Gift of Amy Moore!

amycollageI want to introduce you to my friend Amy Moore’s fascinating art.  Amy is my best friend.  And up until very recently, many people had no idea she is such a talented painter.  It’s kind of like she has been keeping it hidden from all of us….even me!  Just today, 2 different people said to me ‘I had no idea that Amy Moore was so talented!’….completely baffled that she was an artist at all.  A few months ago Amy came to me and started talking about applying to some craft shows.  Immediately, we started plotting our takeover of the craft world.  We have been working very hard making paintings, setting up on-line stores, ordering postcards, magnets, prints, and making things to offer at these shows. This week we applied for 2 upcoming craft shows.  The best thing about doing all this prep work is that it has brought us even closer.  Amy is one of the sweetest and nicest people I have ever known and I am honored to be partnered up with her to give this craft thing a shot.

Years ago, before I started the GP…I was really struggling.  The reports of my troubles have been spread far and wide on this blog.  Amy has been there through all kinds of my bullshit and lots of my victories.  She has babysat for us.  She has cooked for us.  She has just been there.  She even came over and put wires on many of the Gift Prolific paintings!!!

So tonight I want to say THANK YOU to Amy Moore and promote her awesome art!  Please go to Amy Rose’s Art Page and check out her stuff.  She has a store with MANY super cute things to purchase…(They would all make great gifts! HINT HINT).  You can order stuff right on her store page.  Her prices are seriously TOO LOW!  So get in on this now before I convince her to raise her prices.

And one of the good things that happened today…..we got accepted into one of the two shows we applied for!  It will be Dec. 12th at the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.  Nightlife Bazaar!  (Amy pretty much did all the work and prep, so extra special thanks!)  Take care….More big posts to come this weekend!


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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