Many Hands, Amazing Day…

hi_res muralWell here it is.  Our mural from the ArtSpan Tent at this weekend’s 20th Street Block Party.  This   Over 144 artists were tasked with reinterpreting my painting.  And I think they did one heck of a good job!  People really got into the idea of being an artists for a few minutes.  Some people stayed true to recreating the square they had chosen and some people did something more unique.  I think that makes the whole thing, even cooler!  People really responded to this idea.

“Thank you so much, I haven’t painted like this since I was a little kid…’ said one of the artists.  “I really had a great time, this is better than just going to a vendor booth or just standing around….” Said another artist.  And “I love this idea!” was another thing we heard all day.

When I hear things like that I know with some certainty that people will not forget this experience.  I know I won’t.  So THANK YOU to the 144+ artists.  You all did a wonderful job!  At the end of the day we really didn’t want to take the mural apart….it was moved in it’s entirety to Asiento’s on Bryant near 21st.  Next month it will be on full display there!  How cool is that.  Now you all are exhibiting artists!  Congratulations!

Thank you for participating.  Special thanks goes to Veronykah Ascencio for wrangling up the supplies in her truck and delivering them, and me, the day of the event!  Thanks also goes out to Heather and Cristina and everyone at ArtSpan for making this idea a real possibility.  Take care.


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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2 Responses to Many Hands, Amazing Day…

  1. that is incredible! I love your communal and collaborative project. Outstanding work folks!

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