In Ethiopia (GP2_Feb_22)

feb_22If you know me….You know that I LOVE Ethiopian Food.  I am standing at the Street Food Park in SOMA.  There are several food trucks here today that I quite enjoy….There’s the Indian food truck with its tasty curry filled wraps.  The ‘Fish Tank’ truck is here with it’s variety of seafood.  There is one of my favorite’s…the Hawaiian Food truck that always has a great blend of spam and sweet and spicy Hawaiian chicken tacos.  But my money is on the winner….and personal all time favorite Eire Trea! (the Eritrean Irish Fusion food truck!!!)  You would not necessarily believe that these two foods would mix…Trust me they do!  They have Irish sausages with a curry type sauce on fries….They have Kelwha Dero in a wrap….they have AWESOME!  And lots of it.  I order the Veggie Alicia Wrap….When I order I tell the guy how much I love their food and tip him $5 bucks.  That will be my gift for the day.  It’s not much but it is definitely appreciated…he smiles and says something to the chef.  They give me a free drink with my order.  Pretty great.  After my food is ready I head back to our table for a mean game of ‘Cards Against Humanity’!  Seriously, today is awesome.

Ethiopia has over 850 different bird species….one of them being this guy….Flamingos.  I love painting bird with odd shaped beaks.  Flamingos fit in that category along with toucans, spoonbills, and my favorite horn bills.  This painting was fun to make.  I slept all day.  My back is hurtin’ again.  I don’t think I have been getting enough rest.  But the end of the Marathon is fast approaching.  It has been wonderful.  I have had such a great time.  I am also looking forward to taking a break.  Take care.

This painting has been sold to Kathy Goff!!  Thank you Kathy!  I am so psyched that you got this!  Take care.


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My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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