Simple Creed (GP2_Feb_17)

feb_17We need each other.

I park the van and walk less than half a block to an apartment building with a wonderful view of Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower (one of my favorite SF Landmarks).  I ring the doorbell….the buzzer lets me in.  Up the stairs I go…and I am greeted by the wonderful Lady Bee.  It’s her birthday!  She is having a little get together.  When I walk in I am introduced to the other guests…some of whom I have met.  Usually at this point in a party, I look around and keep to myself.  It’s usually the one situation where I get shy and kind of clam up.  But not here.  Here at Bee’s party, all of her friends talk to me.  Conversations seem way easier and much more interesting than usual.  I feel so welcomed here.  It really nice.  This is family.  This is what it should be like.  Easy to be myself.  Easy to just be.  Connect.  And enjoy.  I brought Lady Bee a gift…3 boxes of Sea Salt Caramels and a card.  In the card I explain that I am available for a Commissioned Painting.  She can dictate the size, color, theme, subject matter.  Or she can choose some music for me to paint to….or give me a phrase to interpret.  She likes the gift.  I am psyched to give that to her.  And I would be honored to have (more of) my art in her beautiful home.  Happy Birthday Bee!  She also had a gift for me!  How cool is that?!  Bee gave me a great Burning Man poster for this year’s event!  I love it.

Here is Brewer’s Blackbird.  I tried to keep tonight’s painting simple.  I am feeling like vegging out in front of some TV and falling asleep on the couch.  Nonetheless, I love this little guy.  Going to this party, tonight, reminded me of how great my friends are.  We need each other.  I look forward to building this friendship with Lady Bee.  I met a lot of new friends in the last year….and it kind of blows me away at just how great and caring each of them are.  They all open up to me and treat me like they have known me for years.  I really like that.  It feels like home.  Some people go through life and have very few people they really love, or love them…I have more than I can count.  And that is simply amazing.

This painting is for sale.  $100 plus shipping.  Email me here and I will send you a Paypal Link for you to purchase it.  Thanks for supporting my project.  Please share it with you friends.  More readers inspire me everyday!  Take care.



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My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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