The Countdown Begins…..


Ten days from now The Gift Prolific will start a new chapter.  As of February 1st, I will be giving a gift each day.  Then I will be creating a painting for each day’s gift.  I will then be offering each painting to you, for sale.  28 days of giving….28 days of painting daily.  28 paintings for sale to the public.  Starting Feb. 1st.

Gifts.  As you probably know at the beginning of January I started my process of daily giving again.  It has been really great so far and I plan on giving everyday in 2013.  This act of giving has once again helped me find balance in my life and even out the roller coaster that one rides when staring down depression and anxiety.  Each day it saves my life.  With each gift I recognize and honor our inter connectedness.   I learn new things about myself and others.  I learn about kindness…and how we can all use more of it in our daily life.

Paintings.  I like to paint.  Who knew?  So I am going to make a small painting to represent each day’s gift in February.  Just like I did for most of last year.  I picked February mostly because it is the shortest month!  The ‘painting a day’ is definitely the most time consuming piece to this project.  And out of respect for my family’s time, and my other art commitments, February seems doable.  Each painting will be numbered and will correlate with a giving story that will be written about right here on the blog.  I am very excited to create a unique piece of art each day that is based on giving.  This was and still is, one of the things that excites me most about the Gift Prolific.

Sales.  This time around I will be offering each painting for sale.  The price of each painting will be a very accessible $100.00 each.  (plus shipping if necessary)  There are a few reasons for going this route.  One reason is that I want to make art accessible to everyone!  I also want to pay my bills.  I believe that successful art works for both parties….In that one can afford it…and one can afford to make it.  This balance point interests me very much.  So let’s participate in this process together.  Starting February first the Gift Prolific will be the forum for creating and connecting all of us.

Thank you….take care.






About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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