News From The Underground – Christmas 2012

Wow….This Christmas kind of snuck up on me!  I have been super busy with shows, galleries, calendars, and deadlines.  And I have been purposely taking a break from the GP blog.  Kind of like hibernating a little.  Recharging my batteries.  I have decided to start daily gifting again in January.  I am not sure if I will post art for each day or a photograph, yet, so we will have to see what 2013 brings.  I am very excited to start gifting daily again.  This means a little bit of a change for my project….I will not be taking the project back to Burning Man for 2013.  That much I know for certain.  The Gift Prolific at Burning Man was a grand adventure and one I will always hold near to my heart.  In order for me to keep going with the project it must evolve to fit my life and schedule….And so it goes.  Before I go I want to pass on a gift experience….

1222121916aThis week we were in the mall.  After grabbing a quick dinner in the food court and a round of window shopping Darwin wanted some M&M cookies at Mrs. Fields.  So off we headed to procure a sweet bounty of round sweet treats.  After picking a few cookies I also paid for a $5 gift card.  We paid and walked on.  As we walked around the mall I looked for a gift receiver for the cookie card…So many folks.  We finally settled on a man holding a 3 month old and sitting with an older lady that maybe was his mother.  I handed Darwin the card and told him to deliver the card to them.  Much to my surprise he did exactly that!  He walked right up to them and handed the gift card to the man.  ‘Thank you’ the man said…and Darwin smiled and told the man ‘You’re Welcome!’  Then Darwin turned around with an enormous smile!  They read the gift card….and looked up with warm Christmas smiles.  Happy to receive this random act of kindness.  We walked away feeling so great about the trip to the mall….and the Holiday Season itself.  As we walked to the car Theresa told me that just the other day Darwin told her “I like giving presents to people….just like Dada.”  My Christmas is complete.

Merry Christmas folks!  See you soon.


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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3 Responses to News From The Underground – Christmas 2012

  1. Linda Garrity says:

    Beautiful story…….SO much has come from your journey, but I think this may just be “the greatest gift of all”. To lead by example and have your son, even at his young age, understand what that means and want to be like you is a legacy like no other……

    • giftprolific says:

      I could not agree more! How great is this moment?! I can’t wait to include him in more gifts and acts of kindness. It is so evident that it does a world of good for both of us. Take care. Talk to you soon.

  2. Amber Golacinski says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope you have a healthy,
    happy new year.

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