In my head this post is going to be EPIC!  HUGE!  It is going to say all the right things.  All of the people that support me will be thanked sufficiently and satisfied.  Everyone will see that we are all the Gift Prolific.  You will feel connected to this thing just as much as I am.  However I worry that I cannot name everyone…..I will leave someone out.  It won’t be intentional….Just the consequence of writing a blog post on the middle of cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  But nonetheless it is Thanksgiving and I would like to at least acknowledge many of the people that I am thankful for.  If you are bored with these types of posts about ‘Thanking Everyone’ like liner notes in an album….Here is YOUR ‘Thank You!…..You are awesome.’ and move on.  For those of you (like me) love reading the liner notes….Read on.

If you read about my project from time to time….are an avid follower….volunteered…..received a gift from me…..met me at an art show……or met me at the Gallery Opening of the Gift Prolific this year at Burning Man….supported me with financial backing….know me…..or just watched from a far…..THANK YOU.  This has been one of the best year’s of my life.  And it would not have happened without you.  We are all connected.  And this project shows me time and time again that we all have something to give.  Take care.  Enjoy your day with your family.  And Thank You for being the Gift Prolific. (More liner notes below…)

THANKS to my mom for being awesome and going to Burning Man with me….you will get back ‘Home’ soon.  My brother Tom for helping me plan the project, the possible book, the gallery design, and just being there for all the advice.  Tom’s family – Darcy, Preston, Courtney…..You guy are so great to watch as a family….and are truly inspiring.  To my brother Chad, you don’t know how strong you can be and I hope this is your year to find that strength.  I must say thanks to my Grandma Clow who passes away while I was at the Burn….You are forever in my heart.  Thanks for all you ever did for me.  I know that I paint birds because of you.  To my Grandma Coffy the Buddha.  Wells Coffy and Bill Clow….I feel like I could have lived a lifetime learning from you both.  To my lovely wife THERESA….Thank you for all the diaper changes, dinners, bedtimes, baths, and my bullshit while I was painting late at night.  Your support for this thing was beyond incredible.  To Darwin….I hope you remember some of this.

My friend Linda!  The “Reply Prolific”  Thanks for being there from nearly the start.  Your support and comments kept me going on days that I felt no one even saw it.  Your visits have been awesome and too short.  I am so glad we are friends!  Amy Moore thanks for always listening to me and my crazy complaints and fears.  And thanks for putting backings on so many paintings.  To EVERY SINGLE person who donated even a dollar to make this thing actually happen…You are the best.  Lance Kao for the great camp ‘Astro-Cats’ this thing would have stayed in my studio had it not been for you!  Thank you for always having my back and supporting me and my family.  Thanks for organizing helpers on the give away day and making things run so smooth this year.

Burning Man Folks!!!  I met so many people.  Holy Crap!  Thank you all for participating in the project.  Ed Zink and family….for being the first person to get gifted a painting years ago and for getting the last on in the series this year.  You are so amazing and your family is super beautiful!  All my camp mates at ‘AstroCats’ Mitzah, Natalie, Isaac, John, Steven, James, CHAD!, Peter, etc.  You guys were all great, thank you for making my gallery work!  Brenna and Evan!!!!  LovePuddle is awesome!  You are great people and I thank my lucky stars that we are friends.  Matt and Ashley Sue!  You guys are such a cute couple…Smiles and hugs all around.  Liz you are one hot momma!  Brent!  Thanks for being a part and for loaning me some extra wire cutters!  Card Against Humanity changed my life.  Amy for looking me up after the playa.  You guys are all fantastic.  Jolina Ruckert I can’t believe you went all over the world and then you found me.  You are an inspiration to me to chase after my dreams even harder.  Lisa Lemmon we met at Center Camp and then you made it to the Opening.  You are truly awesome and I am glad you are a part of this.  Will for the interviews….Karen Kuehn for the pics…..They look rad!  Tom from the Vietnamese Ice Coffe Spot that I never made it to….Thanks for introducing me to LADY BEE!  Lady Bee! for being down to earth and quite amazing.  I cant wait to hang out more.  OMG….This list is long….sorry.  Steven RASPA for all of your encouragement.  You are amazing.  Ashley Bryce we didn’t get to talk a lot but I am glad we made a connection.  It might be easier to name some of the camps that were so awesome….Object of Worship!  You guys are rad….thanks for my medallion!  I still wear it!  Crepery!  Thanks….for the crepes!  Sweaty Betties!  Celestial Bodies…cory and lala for the ride around on the Playapus the day my grandma died made me feel loved!  Morgan for the breakfast in Reno.  ,

I should really stop.  This is probably boring to anyone else.  So….I guess I am just filled with appreciation.  You made this thing happen.  And it continues based on your support.  Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving day.  Take care.

ps – Special thanks to Craig for making my kickstarter video so awesome!  I wouldn’t have made any money without you.  Thanks to all the kickstarter backers.  And Audrey for taking the pictures!  And everyone else.  Thanks.




About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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2 Responses to Thanks…

  1. Olivia Baker says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Josh! So glad your year was such a success. Even with all the struggles along the way you made it!! And what a life changer!! It seems as though a lot of people touched your life in the process and in turn you showed everyone your heart,your thoughts, and your soul through your beautiful painting! You are an amazing person! Congrats!

  2. Linda Garrity says:

    What????? I suppose people were busy with their family gatherings and such, but you sweetly thanked 2700 people and got only one response….this will never do!

    Thanks for my special “Reply Prolific” shout-out……there were times when I thought that my comments were becoming annoying and that I should back off, so to read they did mean something to you is very rewarding indeed.

    I, for one, was not bored at all with your enthusiastic, heartfelt thanks; it’s amazing to me just how many people you had backing you in so many ways and how deeply touched you always seem to be by those you have met in this journey.

    You are quite the special young man, my “third son” Josh……I am honored to have met you and to have followed along with you in this momentous and pivotal year of your life. I loved spending time with you and your family, truly value the friendship we have as well, and know that we will be a part of each other’s lives for years to come…….

    Thank YOU for all that you have given to me as well…….

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