Chey’s Painting (#050)

Here is the latest news from one of the paintings out there in the world.

I can’t tell you how much I loved your art project. The pieces themselves are incredible; but when the backstory of each piece of art is known, added with the concept of the project itself they become more inspiring.
Below are the pictures of when I gave my best friend Adam your painting, followed by my poor account of you sneaking over to your neighbor’s house to plant the jack-o-lantern. As much as I loved Halloween growing up, Adam opened my eyes to beauty and glory of going all out. He introduced me to “monster-work.” (I’ll show you some pictures later of the work we’ve done)
I kept thinking of a place in my home to hang the painting, everyplace I found didn’t feel right and I didn’t know why. I realized that it wasn’t in the spirit of the project, this piece of art needed to be gifted, as it was gifted to me. He loves it, and is wracking his brain trying to figure out where to hang it. I’ll send a pic when he hangs it.
Thank you so much, Josh. I’m hoping our paths cross sooner than later. If you get a chance to come down to SoCal I’ll get you and the fam into Universal Studios.

Chey Kennedy

PS some of the monster work Adam and I have done is on I’m also hoping to do a kick-ass monster for a monster trade show. I’m stopping now before I bore you too much with my rambling.

Me and Chey in the GP Gallery this year.

Chey (on the right) giving his painting to Adam (left).

Chey that is so cool that you gifted the painting to your ‘partner in crime’!  I love it!  Thanks for participating this year.  I really like that you talked about the beauty of ‘going all out’.  There is something to be said for chasing an idea to the end.  And by the looks of your monster work on you guys definitely go 100%.  VERY IMPRESSIVE!  I would love to see it in person.  I have friends and family in SoCal….so I will let you know when we are down!  Thanks for the letter.  Take care….and here comes Halloween!!!  (oh and next time…..ramble as much as you want…this is a BLOG after all, ha ha)



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My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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One Response to Chey’s Painting (#050)

  1. Linda Garrity says:

    Another great response-AND your friend re-gifted the gift, how cool is that!

    It was about this time of year last year that I randomly became aware of you. After reading last year’s posts about this time of year last year and learning about what a Halloween enthusiast you and Theresa are, I was just thinking that you’ll soon be going full out on the preps. I’m sure you’ve already got a lot of it in your head and are planning the execution (pun slightly intended) of your neighborhood prize-winning nemesis. My all-time favorite thing was the “Wheel of Fortune” for the trick or treaters……once again, wish I lived nearby, so I could participate in the projects and sit outside and watch the magic happen on Halloween night!

    I love to read about how the karma is unfolding and such an abundance of riches in all forms are now coming back to you…….

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