Day 308 – Tip Toe (Street Names Pt. 2)

I am nervous.  I am going to work, on my day off, to play myukulele ‘in the store.’  It’s all part of ‘Customer Appreciation Day’ at Trader Joe’s.  Playing in front of people isn’t the really nerve racking part.  I am more anxious because a few of my coworkers will probably roll their eyes and talk about it in negative ways.  And that is too bad for them.  Some people just CAN’T have fun.  Anyway….here goes nothing.  When I get to the door I get more nervous.  But once I’m inside and ready to go….I calm down.  It’s just me and my uke.  Doing what I do everyday at home.  Playing and singing.  So it isn’t bad.  I actually meet a bunch of great people and give out my card.  Talk to folks both young and old about the ukulele and playing it.  I even get to play right to a few people.  Some of my coworkers tease me….but I tease em back.  And just roll with it.  In a way this is a gift for the day…only I am getting paid to be here and play.  Hmm.  At home….Just before dinner, I get a box ready for my friend Adriane in New York.  She is buying a painting from me.  I add a few things that will surprise her, into the box.  There….that feels right.  Well off to burrito land!

‘begonia’ is the second street on the map this year….another simple 2 minute painting.  Well take care.  Talk to you soon.


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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