Day 293 – The Myth Of Capsaicin

We are at the ‘Off The Grid’ Street Food Rally tonight.  Basically a bunch of food trucks swarm a small part of the park.  It’s pretty cool but it is super busy.  Theresa gets in line for some food while Darwin and I go walk around.  After about 20 minutes she meets up with us, and takes Darwin.  I get in a very long line for a Chicken Tikka Masala Burrito from the Curry Up Now Truck.  My burrito rules.  I kick back on a log and eat while watching my friend, Rafael Sarria from La Gente, play music.  Theresa and Darwin find me and we follow Darwin to where some kids are skateboarding.  He loves watching stuff like that.  So we hang.  As we are standing there, a man laying on the bench sits up and we start talking.  I give him my Starbucks gift card for 15 bucks.  He is quite surprised but a little suspicious.  “I don’t work for them or anything…and no I am not rich’ I say.  Then I explain to him about my project.  He really likes the idea.  We talk for a little bit more and then we have to head out.  Darwin is getting cranky and tired.  We say goodbye.  We also say goodbye to Rafael and his Girlfriend.  It is a good night.  And I feel really good about my gift.

This painting is a year or two old.  I painted it a while back for a show based on food.  It is called the ‘Myth Of Capsaicin’.  Capsaicin is the ‘hot’ stuff in peppers.  And I love hot stuff…like my CTM Burrito.  Apparently, birds are not effected by capsaicin!  They don’t have a hot reaction to it.  So that is why I painted it.  I find that rather interesting.  I also had a rather interesting time with this gift.  Meeting a complete stranger and gifting them is a rush that is kind of hard to explain.  Telling them the story of the project is part of the fun.  I have never explained it to anyone and then been told that it was dumb or a bad idea.  People love it.  I told this man “if you get to a computer, check it out.’ and he told me that he thought that more of the world should work like that.

What am I going to do when this is all over….?


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My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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One Response to Day 293 – The Myth Of Capsaicin

  1. Linda Garrity says:

    Although I was unaware that birds are immune to it, this painting really resonates with me…..several years ago, in desperate measures for pain relief, I bought a tube of capsaicin and was slathering on the back of my neck while I was driving home from exercise. I should have been reading the fine print instead b/c I had an immediate, intense burning reaction that just would not go away, even later following the advice of the back of the package. I even called the 800 number and did all they said, but it really didn’t go away for several days. So that becomes yet another of my “trigger words” that sends me into spasms.
    I’d love to be around as you gave one of your random gifts in person…’s so awesome that most people respond so favorably to your idea and explanation. I truly think our earth would be such a better place if we all just tried to live a bit more like that than what I see most people are like, so wrapped up in their own little world, barely giving any consideration to anyone else.
    Ah, the bigger picture question arises once again…….I think it’s going to be quite the major challenge coming down from this past year. Hope one of the things you choose to do is take more time to focus on you (and certainly your family can be included in this) to really learn how to eat and live a more healthy lifestyle. I’m only preaching b/c I lament the loss of so much of my physical self; I don’t exactly know where it all went terribly bad and continue to try to keep/improve the function I have, but I do wonder if I might not be where I am today if I’d paid more attention earlier in my life.

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