Day 278 – PreCompression

I am at Burning Man PreCompression.  It is like a Burning Man Pre-Party.  I have about 45 paintings from the project on display.  ALl night I have been talking to people about the project.  Everyone that i talk to seems really into it.  That makes me super happy.  Off to the bar….I don’t drink but I could really use a Diet Coke.  The cute bartender asks me “Are you sure?  Just a Diet Coke?”  Yep.  She pours one out for me…no charge.  That was super nice of her.  Upon my return for a second one later in the evening she refuses to charge me again.  So I tip her 10 bucks.  She smiles….”Thanks….you really don’t have to…”  and I say ” I would rather give you the money than pay for these all night.”  She smiles and I walk off.  I have had a great night.  I have met a lot of really cool people.  I got to connect with Bettie June, Jonesy and Steve Raspa from Burning Man.  Steven even offered me a drink ticket.  How nice right?  I didn’t want to be rude….but by then I was pretty much all about drinking water.  Someone gifted me some water at one point….and some cupcakes.  Not bad at all.  At around 2 Theresa texted me that Darwin had a high fever….so I had to cut out a little sooner than planned.  But all in all it was an awesome time.  next tim I will be better about planning a bigger gift.

This is a painting for Michelle…..whom I had met a few nights prior to PreCompression….at the SF Raw show.  She told me that she wanted a Falcon Skull painting.  At PreCompression she gifted me a wonderful cupcake….and I started making this painting right away.  She left before I could find her to give it to her.  So I guess now it is going to the playa and she will have to get it there.  I wanted to have a bigger gift idea for all the Burning Man folks that were there……But things are a little tight around here right now….Hmm..I will have to get more creative I guess.  Darwin’s fever broke but for the last week I have been feeling pretty crappy and so has he.  Colds.  YUK.  Anyway….on to the next day.  Take care.

PS – Due to a ticket coming our camp’s way Theresa will be able to go to Burning Man!  Which is great because she has been nothing but super supportive of me and my dreams.  The caveat that we are now dealing with is breaking our own rules….we are taking DARWIN too!  WOOHOO!


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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