Day 230 – The House That Willie Built

I could hardly wait to leave work today.  It was grueling.  Not because it was boring….but because I am very excited to be going to the baseball game tonight!  I used to HATE baseball.  Seriously.  Then I met Theresa.  She told me that it was way more fun in person….I had my doubts.  So she bought tickets to my first game….It was Giants vs. Dodgers in Dodger Stadium.  We showed up wearing Giants colors.  We got booed and teased and yelled at all night…Giants won.  I saw Barry Bonds hit 2 home runs that night.  It was amazing…and I was converted.  Now we live here….just miles from the park.  Tonight we are going with our friend Tara.  We are trying to make this a monthly outing.  This time Tara bought tickets.  I brought some goodies from work.  At the gate I have to stop so that the staff can check my backpack.  After getting checked I smile at the gate staffer and ask her if she is allowed to accept gifts….She say ‘Not really, what ya got?”  We both laugh.  I explain the project to her.  She is excited because I give her a Trader Joe’s Candy Bar and a business card.  Before I leave and head in….I ask her what her name is.  “Lucille”….I love it.  That is also the Giants mascot name!  How great.  I hope Lucille enjoys the candy bar…..I know my family will love the game.

AT&T Park is sometimes referred to as the “House that Barry Built”.  But I like to think of it as Willie’s House.  Willie Mays never played ball in this park.  However, his statue is right out front.  And who doesn’t like Willie Mays?  He is a living legend.  If you have never seen ‘the catch’ then please take a minute and watch the clip below.  Willie Mays is the greatest living baseball player to have ever played the game.  And today’s painting in my tiny tribute to Willie.  Thanks Willie.

I get emotional just watching this clip.  Sigh.


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  1. eldy says:

    Baseball does indeed RULE! I’ve nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award, the Sunshine Award and the Genuine Blogger Award. Join in if you like but there is no obligation to participate…a gift not an obligation. I so enjoy your blog and wish to thank you for sharing and dropping by my blog too. For more info go to:

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