Day 221 – Wheelman On Devil’s Slide

So we are on the way home from out magical camping trip.  It is sad but we decide to stop along the way and take pictures of the beautiful California coastline.  We had an amazing trip.  As we approach Pacifica we hit a section of road called Devil’s Slide.  It is a twisty piece of highway that edges a huge 200 foot drop right to the ocean.  As we work our way through the turns slowly I try to stay focused on the road and not the amazing scenery.  As we come around the last bend I see a bicycle upside down a skinny guy off to the side of the road….hugging the rock wall as much as possible with the back wheel of his bike in his hands.  I have to stop.  I pull up as close to him as possible and off the road as much as possible….I hope out.  “Hey man, you ok?” I ask.  He tells me yeah but his bike has had 2 flats and he only has one tube left.  I look at his last puncture….he tells me that he installed it right before Devil’s Slide but as soon as he started up the hills and curves it popped.  “I think you pinched it when you installed it!  You have to really watch that you tuck it all the way in.”  I say.  I take the wheel from him and install the new tube.  I use his one tire iron and replace the tube correctly.  (Good thing I took that bike maintenance class last year at Sports Basement)…I help him get it pumped up and back on his bike.  We talk a minute about his trip…Santa Cruz to San Francisco.  I tell him that he is almost to Pacifica.  We shake hands.  I hope back in he van and jet off.  I hope me made it.

One more gift that just falls into my lap.  Opportunity is everywhere to give.  You just have to be ready and open to it.  I try everyday to listen for the chance.  Sometimes I have to invent the gift…but many times they come out of the woodwork.  This project is so awesome.  I have gotten to do so many cool things for people.  I have been so rewarded immediately with great experiences that I will take with me forever.  Awesome.  Take care.


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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