Day 216 – Coffy Family Season Opener

I am a great dad.  I am confident in that.  Much of what I have learned about being a good dad comes from my own dad and family, my older brother, and two fictional dads!…..Clark Griswold and Homer Simpson!  These two men rank very high on my list of dad role models.  One of the things that they have in common and I try to model myself after….is that they both love their family!  They do their best (working at the top of their capacity) to enrich the lives of their kids and generally show them all they can about life.  This week I am taking my family camping.  We all love camping.  And this is like our season opener.  We are headed to County Memorial Park in Pescadero, CA.  We got out gear out and dusted it off…we bought a few new pieces of gear to make this season better.  And we are making reservations and planning and plotting.  So here goes.  Off into the great wide world….for adventure together.

Another quick one.  But it is a fun little piece.  Bears.  I think of Homer and Clark….enriching their family and being themselves.  That is one thing I think is most important about being a dad….being me.  Darwin can learn a lot from me just being me.  Good and bad.  They both set examples and create memories.  I just hope I can show him as much as possible.  Well we are booked and ready to go.  Take care.  See you in a few days.



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My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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