Day 211 – Eightfold Path Step 7 (Right Mindfulness)

Try mindfulness for a few minutes.  Are you sitting?  What does that feel like?  Are you tired, happy, sad, or hungry?  If you are hungry, are you really hungry?  Are you thirsty instead of hungry?  What would you be hungry for?  Savory, sweet, good for you, bad for you?  How much would you need to feel satisfied?  Will you be able to stop eating when you have actually had enough?  What is enough?  Would you like to drink a glass of water before you start?  etc.  I have been going through this mindful eating process all week.  It is absolutely a gift to myself….and it is taking a lot of patience and practice.  Now stop and think of the opposite….with regards to eating.  Most of the time I eat whatever I want, when I want.  And before I even have a chance to answer if I should or not….it is long been plunged into my stomach and digesting.  Most of the time I feel that I have NO CONTROL what so ever.  I have been publicly shamed several times by people thinking that this is a good way to support me.  All that ever does it makes it worse and hurt my feelings.  I have tried to do what everyone else says I should do….and when that fails I feel terrible.  But being mindful makes sense.  In fact it is so right that I feel sane around food.  For the first time in 20 years this makes me sane.  I am hoping to re-work my relationship with food.  Here is today’s Right Minfulness description.

Right mindfulness is the controlled and perfected faculty of cognition. It is the mental ability to see things as they are, with clear consciousness. Usually, the cognitive process begins with an impression induced by perception, or by a thought, but then it does not stay with the mere impression. Instead, we almost always conceptualise sense impressions and thoughts immediately. We interpret them and set them in relation to other thoughts and experiences, which naturally go beyond the facticity of the original impression. The mind then posits concepts, joins concepts into constructs, and weaves those constructs into complex interpretative schemes. All this happens only half consciously, and as a result we often see things obscured. Right mindfulness is anchored in clear perception and it penetrates impressions without getting carried away. Right mindfulness enables us to be aware of the process of conceptualisation in a way that we actively observe and control the way our thoughts go. Buddha accounted for this as the four foundations of mindfulness: 1. contemplation of the body, 2. contemplation of feeling (repulsive, attractive, or neutral), 3. contemplation of the state of mind, and 4. contemplation of the phenomena.

The other thing I have said a few times before…..Mindfulness has certainly made me more aware of my time being spent.  I now have some really solid answers to my question….What have you done with the time that you have been given on Earth?  Do you?


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One Response to Day 211 – Eightfold Path Step 7 (Right Mindfulness)

  1. Linda Garrity says:

    Your ending question in bold print leaves me humbled and questioning….although we have raised two sons, now ages 26 and 30, who are, at their best, kind, thoughtful, caring human beings, the heartbreaking stages of life we all seem to be in right now leaves me once again with many thoughts about trying to forgive myself for all that I didn’t do right by them while they were growing up.
    Your new direction to be mindful of your eating is an amazingly powerful first step to working toward gaining some control over your health issues-I commend you for taking it so seriously and giving it such thought……

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