Day 192 – A Small Victory

Today I am driving back from Oakland and about to cross the wonderful Bay Bridge….I like it so much better than the Golden Gate Bridge.  Anyway.  I pull up to the toll plaza.  It is 6 bucks.  As is usual for me I plan on giving a toll to the car behind me.  But I wonder, what if I did something different today?  So when i get to the toll plaza I see the toll taker.  He smiles I give him the 6 bucks for my van to cross the bridge and 6 more bucks.  He looks behind my van and I say “No it’s not for them.  I want you to have it!”  He starts shaking his head and saying something like he is not allowed to accept it….And I blurt out, interrupting him “It’s yours now…pay someone’s toll, buy lunch, whatever…..You have a great day.” and drive off.  Smiling all the way to Treasure Island.  As I pass through the tunnel I am greeted by one of my favorite views of San Francisco.  I love this place.

This is a little bit of a fun departure for me….I started making an abstract painting….and then realized that it was just not my thing.  In the end I think this flower painting is about realizing that it is ok to be amazed by even the smallest things in the world.  When I am present and awake I think of things like – How man animals are in the bay area?  What are all the of the bird species in San Francisco?  and could I paint them all?  Living in the present gives me a sneak peak into the world’s small mysteries.  I am not sure how to put this into words….But I will try.  Take care.


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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One Response to Day 192 – A Small Victory

  1. Linda Garrity says:

    Great post……I’m smiling with you (but not gazing at anything near as beautiful as what you get to see on a daily basis in your lovely town). But wait, maybe I should look around before I just re-actively type that? I wonder what would happen if I take a walk later and really, really look for the small wonders we might have around here right in LaGrange, IL.
    Although often no monetary or tangible gift is given, my new favorite thing is to have random conversations with customer service workers everywhere, mostly a bit of humor or a sincere compliment about something that catches my eye about them. The other day, I was in such a dour mood when I left my house, but made that my focus at each of the five errands I had to do; I found myself smiling and laughing to myself on the way to my car after each exchange, and came home a much more pleasant person. (which believe me, everyone around here was very appreciative of, that’s for sure!)

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