Day 176 – Mingling With The Best

We are walking into my friend Amanda’s apartment and entering to my friend Eric’s 50th Birthday Celebration!  We are super excited to get to share this day with him.  Earlier this week a bunch of us at work chipped in to get him a gift certificate…So I was going to originally use that as today’s gift.  Then I felt like it wasn’t quite enough so Theresa and I found him some locally made Pepper Jelly….then…..well that didn’t fit either.  Money in a card?  Always nice…and I guess it will work.  A few days ago I asked if I could do anything for the party and Eric told me that they didn’t need anything but there was something I could help with.  He asked me to talk to his none Trader Joe friends.  I get the vibe that Eric is worried that the Trader Joe folks will be on one side of the room and his Non TJ Friends will be on the other side of the room like some crappy high school dance.  So when we get to the party I do my best to MINGLE like a champ!  In case you don’t know…I love to talk to people!  So I do my best to introduce myself to everyone….to remember names of the people I like….and to break up the ‘high school dance’.  Surprisingly enough it all works out!  We all have one thing in common…we love ERIC!  So the party is a hit!  And Eric has great taste in friends….lol.

This is a quick painting sketch of some little Buddha statues that my friend Samita took a picture of.  I want to detail it out and make it so much cooler but that will have to wait for another day.  It is getting late in the evening and work is already only a few hours away.  How does time seem to be speeding up?  Sigh.


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My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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One Response to Day 176 – Mingling With The Best

  1. Linda Garrity says:

    I don’t know how I missed this one the first time around, but I followed it through just the way Nicole (the recipient of this particular painting) must have to read the story about her gift.
    First of all, wait a minute…you love to talk????? But you we’re so quite and shy the times we’ve been together; I can hardly believe it!!!!! JK……
    For many years of my life, I was beyond painfully shy; in retrospect, I had severe “social phobia”, the worst of it being in groups of people at gatherings. For many years, I just didn’t go anywhere. When I was somewhat better, I could answer if someone spoke to me, but couldn’t come up with anything to initiate any conversation, but as I got better with that, another challenge was to gracefully move away from one group and move on to the next.
    Now that I am FINALLY free of my cocoon and quite the emerging butterfly, none of this is difficult for me, but I still remember “the old me”. I can easily spot those who are like I was and I make sure to make them feel included (through body language, catching them up on what a group might be talking about, or gently asking them questions about themselves), because I know how painful it is to be on the “outside looking in”.
    With my own still surviving insecurities, sometimes this can be quite challenging and if I don’t “get through” to people, I have to constantly remind myself that perhaps it’s more about them and where they are in their own lives than perhaps anything I did wrong. It quite often takes some time, but more often than not lately, I see people little-by-little respond and become more open and talkative themselves and it brings me SO MUCH JOY to think that I may have have some small part in all that.
    So to have the image of you, doing what you now do best, on behalf of your friend’s request, mingling away and being “the force” that allows all who attended, whatever their stage of comfort in groups, whom they already knew when they got there, and finding the golden nugget of what they all had in common is beyond beautiful to me……
    Thank you for being you……

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