Day 160 – Fill The Subway With Music

One of the things I love about cities is the busking musicians in many public spaces.  As a musician myself I think I am sometimes very critical of the street musician.  Some of these people are truly talented and deserve your money for creating art in a space.  Some not so much.  This of course is for you to decide.  And today I am deciding to drop 3 bucks in the banjo case of a musician at the Civic Center Bart station.  This guy is good.  He is singing old folky sounding stuff.  It could be original…I don’t know.  I am just glad he is not ruining some Nirvana song with his banjo.  I am entertained.  It is simple….but this is today’s gift.  I think about setting out a case one day and doing this….just for the fun of it.  Maybe if I weren’t so busy…I would love to play my ukulele for people.  Someday.

This is a small and simple painting.  This is the fourth painting that I have made on my mom and brother’s background.  A gift that I am still very much appreciating!  This little banjo is of course a tribute to street musicians everywhere.  Let your music fill the subways, alleyways, bus depots, and parks.  Thank you!


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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3 Responses to Day 160 – Fill The Subway With Music

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m in New York. Amazing musicians in the subway here. My favorite is the ‘Saw Lady’ – she played at Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Gardens and the likes, but she also plays in the subway. This is her playing the ‘Star Trek’ theme on a saw:

  2. Linda Garrity says:

    My favorite line from this post is “I am just glad he is not ruining some Nirvana song with his banjo.”-hilarious, thanks for the laugh!

    I’ve made another personal contact with another member of the 29gifts community, a young (VERY energetic!) young musician, who writes songs, performing solo, with a friend under the name Kavus, and most recently as lead vocalist and guitarist for the amazing group Classical Blast.

    He just finished his first round in February and has re-upped for another month. He’s working on it, but his posts are quite long and full of too many extraneous details; with that caveat, he also just posted a giving of giving to a busker here in Chicago that’s quite entertaining. If you have the time to check him out, that particular post is here:

    After reading what the two of you wrote, I will never look at street musicians in quite the same way again-thanks also for that.


    PS Have you seen the movie “Once”? One of my faves….

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