Checkin’ In For February

Here we are in February!  Man that was quick!  I hope all of you are doing well….I am doing great.  When I started this project I sat down and decided what were some of the things that I wanted out of it.  I would like to share a few of them with you now…

1. I want to live in my art for a year – Basically I want to eat, sleep, think about, an be a full on artist for one year.  Really commit to making the daily paintings but also make paintings that I sell and make a great income for myself, and my family.

2. I need to be happier –  Pretty self explanatory.

3. I want to inspire someone to give and be more creative in their life – I want to see how this gift effects the people around me.  If this inspires someone, I will feel like it is a complete success.

There were many others…at least 7 more.  But tonight I just want to check in with you and talk about these three.  Number 1 – I am 5 months into this project and I know that I have never painted this much in my whole life.  I work about 3 hours avg. daily on paintings.  These are not always Gift Prolific paintings as part of this action item is to make a living on my art.  So I have been painting commissions, selling paintings on Etsy, and working very hard to have my paintings in galleries as much as possible.  I am proud to announce that it is working!  Since I started this project I have consistently been selling art! I am honored to say that one of my favorite galleries in SF, created a show around my paintings for February!  Last Saturday was the opening reception…..I sold 7 paintings!  This is the most I have ever sold in one show.  I am still in shock.   A great majority of my time is now spent either working on the project and it’s paintings or my paintings that are available for sale.   Number 2 – Sometimes I feel that people responding to my art is the same thing as people hearing my voice.  They are kind of living in my vision.  Seeing things the way I see them.  This makes me feel heard and valued….and happier.  Number 3 – Without getting too into it (already a long post…) This project has inspired quite a few people to give gifts, make art, be nicer to others, and laugh a little.  I love hearing all of your stories….They reinvigorate me on tough days.  Please participate in the comments….and keep sending me all of your stories and articles!

So that is a “check in” for the Month of February.  I am a little behind on paintings (what else is new?) but I am no longer worried….I do get caught up from time to time.  The gifts get done, and for me that is actually the most important part.  Time is hard to split when my paintings for shows and galleries take priority.  But I am sure you understand….free paintings don’t buy diapers…..or art supplies!  Speaking of art supplies have you seen my DONATION page!?  Take care.  Below is a picture of a few paintings that I am readying for my next art show.  I was selected out of hundreds of artists to participate!  I am excited and honored to be a part of it….Check it out.

Some new paintings for SF RAW!  Buy tickets through the site before Sunday and support ME!


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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2 Responses to Checkin’ In For February

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amigo ..Wuuuuaaaww !!!!!! A mi familia y a mi nos gusto mucho conocer ese lado artista de ti , sabes eres sorprenderte en tus pinturas son maravillosas, ademas sabes Ser una buena persona , amigo ,esposo y padre ,y la vida te va a recompensar con esos logros que te mereces y yo estare como tu amiga siempre apoyandote ,,,todo lo que te propongas lo vas a lograr y eso es genial.

  2. giftprolific says:

    Thank you Maria! I love that you always post in Spanish! You are so sweet. Tell all of the family hello for me. Talk to you soon.

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