Day 142 – My Birthday

It has been a fantastic Birthday Weekend so far.  I am driving back from Mt Tamalpais with Audrey.  We just went for a 7 mile hike.  My legs are sore.  We pull into the toll plaza on the Golden Gate Bridge.  Audrey gives me some money to pay the toll….I hand the guy the cash and ask him if he likes frozen yogurt.  He says ‘yeah’…so I give him my last frozen yogurt card.  He asks me where the yogurt place is…and I tell him he will have to look it up.  It feels nice to give the toll booth operator something.  I often think I would be really good at that job.  Welcoming people to our fair city.  They probably don’t get paid very much….but I would get to be around the bridge all day.  That would be cool.  Anyway…today is my birthday.  I drop Audrey off and rush home to be with Theresa and Darwin who made cupcakes!!!  And we order pizza and chill out all night watching movies and tv shows on Netflix.  All in all it was a great birthday.  AND….I also have tomorrow off.  Looks like I am going hiking again with Theresa!  Yay!  My favorite hiking buddy!  Dang my legs are sore!  Happy Birthday to me.

I love me some bird skulls!  In fact I love skulls in general.  Doesn’t really matter what animal they belong too.  I love em.  I wish that I had a huge collection of skulls.  Maybe that will be my hobby when this whole project is over.  Anyway….I just want to say thanks to all of my family and friends that made this a great birthday!  All of the gifts are amazing.  I really feel loved and appreciated.  It is amazing that I can see clearly how you think about me in your gifts.  Your time, homemade gifts, music, dinners, desserts, other gifts really made this the best birthday I have had in years!  Thank you.  I love you all.


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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3 Responses to Day 142 – My Birthday

  1. Open Up Life says:

    Thanks for sharing, you have such a great heart to think of others. Glad you had a great birthday!

    Peace and love,
    P.S.- Wanted to let you give you a site that someone told me about to sell your work, if your interested. The link is
    It’s free and if someone buys your art, they do all the matting and shipping for you, FREE.

    • giftprolific says:

      Hey Tammy,

      Thanks for the site. I will look into that….Also thank you for the compliment. I am really glad that you are enjoying the blog and the project. Take care. Talk to you soon. -Josh

  2. Anonymous says:

    FELIZ CUMPLEANOS AMIGO !!!!! y que cumplas muchos mas!! Espero algunos dia Theresa me ensene a preparar deliciosos panquecitos, gracias por compartir un dia de tu Vida en esta historia..

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