Day 83 – Griswold Family Christmas

I love Christmas lights!  In fact Theresa and I have made a hobby of spectating people’s Christmas light displays over the past few years.  We load up the car and drive out to the suburbs around the city and check out some of the fantastic artistry and imaginations of people getting into the holiday spirit.  I have always felt that their decorations are a gift to the community.  Sometimes we have even gotten to meet people and thank them for their lights and hard work.  Now that Darwin is here with us, we have found that he enjoys the Christmas light displays as well.  In fact, tonight is the first night we are driving out and about this year, to see some glorious displays.  I think of this as a gift to my whole family.  Being together.  Having an adventure.  An experience that cannot be sold to you by Walmart.  Some of the display are classy….with all blue lights and matching ornaments.  Others are really kitchy and cheesy.  I think that the robotic deer and the spiral wire Christmas trees are so funny.  But overall my favorite displays are the ones with homemade decorations.  Things like wooden cut outs, trains, giant stockings, lights that cover trees and seem so dangerous to even put up.  Darwin likes the lights more than anything.  He even says “more lights” at every house we drive to.  It is really cute and it is one of those moments where I feel like we are doing Christmas right.  On our own terms.  Our own tradition.  Not just doing what the big box stores tell us to do or should do.  So hats off to the Clark Griswold’s out there.  (see the movie Christmas Vacation) Thanks for going the extra mile for our Christmas!  My son will never forget these times.

Moose!  In the first National Lampoon’s Vacation movie Clark wants to take his family to the Wally World Amusement Park.  The mascot is a ‘Bullwinkle’ looking moose.  So tonight I am dedicating this painting to Clark Griswold.  His Christmas light display in ‘Christmas Vacation’ is a site to behold.  But the thing about Clark that makes him so great…is that he is a dad that really and truly loves his family.  He does so much for them.  Sometimes it gets screwed up and usually it is hilarious when it goes south.  But the underlying value is that he just wants to be there for his family.  This year I really feel that.  I want to make a great Christmas.  I want to create experiences that Darwin and Theresa will not forget.  I must be present.  And give all I can to them.  And I feel very strongly against just buying them something and just calling it a day.  So I feel that I am searching for how to make this be my own Christmas art project.  How can I make this my own?….I will find it.  Somewhere.


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My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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3 Responses to Day 83 – Griswold Family Christmas

  1. I have been planning to bundle up and go for a walk around the neighborhood to see lights. Maybe tomorrow night?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice, hope you have a Great time and I wish I was there too!

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