Day 78 – Goes Well With Chocolate

Chocolate makes a pretty amazing gift.  I am cashiering on a very busy Sunday.  It is downright insane in here.  My next customer is buying some wine…I ask for her i.d.  It says that tomorrow is her birthday!  I wish her a happy birthday…she smiles and tells me that it is always tough because everyone goes out of town for Thanksgiving and never really gets to be with her on her birthday.  What a bummer.  I tell her to pick out a chocolate bar.  And that it is on the house today….Just for her.  She picks a dark chocolate one.  Smiles, and says thanks!  Loads up her groceries and heads out.  She couldn’t believe that someone would do that.  I pay for the candy on my lunch break.

Today’s painting is a pelican.  There really isn’t any connection to the gift.  I am using this as a practice painting for a bigger painting with the similar subject and similar colors.  My gift was quick today…and this painting was not all that quick.  I learned some things about what I want to do with the big one.  Good practice.  Gotta keep painting.



About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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3 Responses to Day 78 – Goes Well With Chocolate

  1. Linda Garrity says:

    You’re right, chocolate does make a great gift, especially dark chocolate! My 37 year old nephew’s birthday is today and I think the same thing happens to him; while we all wished him Happy Birthday yesterday at our Thanksgiving gathering, when I’m done typing, your message today encouraged me to pick up the phone and call him today. Thanks for the reminder….

    I’m also curious….what is your fascination with birds? Can you explain it?


    • giftprolific says:

      Cool. Glad I could help with the birthday wishes. As for the “what is your fascination with birds? can you explain it?” question….

      No. LOL.

      Just kidding. For the past 2 years I have been painting quite a lot of birds. I have a few different answers for this question. One, I think we are all closest to this form of wildlife. Think about that….they are everywhere. Its not like you see bears on park benches or telephone wires. Birds are almost a part of everyone’s daily life. I don’t know enough about birds. I want to know more. I try to study birds. Years ago my wife worked at the Academy of Sciences and I got a chance to get into their collection in the basement and study some of the 16 million birds, fish, mammals, bugs and other collections. Two, I am a huge evolution fan (son named Darwin….lol) and my first lesson on evolution was about Charles Darwin’s finches and how he studied their adaptations on each separate island in the Galapagos. I am also a huge fan of science illustration artwork…so i tend to really like bird anatomy. Three, I just started with birds and ran with it, you can see my birds from last year’s calendar project at These paintings are currently in a show here in San Francisco.

      I hope that didn’t bore the heck out of you. I probably have a few more reasons…but I will leave you with these for now. (secret….my grandma is a huge bird fan and I think that really influenced me growing up…so it is kind of like a tradition to be interested in birds.) Talk to you soon.

  2. Linda Garrity says:

    You absolutely didn’t bore the heck out of me! Thanks for taking the time to explain some of how you got to be fascinated with birds; it gives me a deeper appreciation of why they appear so often in your artwork.
    It’s so interesting to me how people get to know about each other through blogs and replies-I very much enjoy gathering tidbits about you and your life. In time, I may know more about you than many of the people I see daily!
    Thanks again for your reply….

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