Day 73 – The House Usually Wins

For many of us larger folk…walking into a super market is like walking into a casino.  The decks are stacked against you.  The food industry has spent millions of dollars and hours working to figure out how to make tastier foods with cheaper materials.  In the last few years we have seen the rise of so many additives in food that are synthetic over-processed chemicals.  These help big food companies create more units of food for less money.  The marketing that goes into each product is also deceptive.  Just look at the cereal aisle in most stores….even the kids cereal that is filled with sugar is now gluten free!  Fruity Pebbles are now gluten free!  They market this stuff like it is healthy for you.  Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t that is really for you to decide.  Some could argue that it is only cereal….deal with it.  Others are more cynical.  But many of us…including some fatter folks can be mislead so easily.  I was really into eating canned pears for a while.  Then my wife pointed out that each can was about 600 calories?!  I was pissed!  How can they do this to people?  Anyway….back to today’s gift.  I am walking around the store and I see a woman reading a food label.  I ask her if she needs help.  “I am trying to figure out how many Weight Watcher points this is…”  I smile.  “2 points per serving” I tell her.  She is surprised that I know that.  I tell her that I was on Weight Watchers for a while and really enjoyed it.  I lost 30 pounds with that program.  We chat more about her weight loss journey.  She is starting out and having a tough time with it.  I take her through the store and show her all kinds of snacks and foods that fit her plan.  I share my story, and give her some encouragement.  We spend about 15 minutes talking and looking through the store.  “Trader Joe’s really isn’t a health food store….It may look like it, but it’s not really the case.  Be cautious…and keep reading those labels.  The food industry has done their homework and now you need to do yours!”  I tell her.  She is excited.  I feel like I really helped someone today.  I hope she reports back to the store soon.

Today’s painting is dedicated to big people everywhere!  You can do it….you just have to get started.  There are all kinds of helpful people out there.  But be wary there are a whole slew of unhelpful folks and diet myths and fads.  You have to find a clear way to navigate these troubled waters.  Good luck and go change your life.


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My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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4 Responses to Day 73 – The House Usually Wins

  1. Linda Garrity says:

    What a marvelous gift that was! My husband came home with a story about a patient he saw today for a 6-month follow up visit. She was told she had a very serious lung disease and did not like the harsh drugs she was prescribed; he found no evidence that she even had this disease, but she was 5ft. 2in. and weighed 260 lbs. He recommended that she begin to taper down the dosage of her meds and work with her primary care physician on weight loss and exercise. She came back today, had done absolutely nothing toward that goal, but says she still feels terrible and wants his help.
    She claimed that she doesn’t eat much, so he asked her to give a general description of things she ate today. She told him she had two packages of instant oatmeal with cream for breakfast, but that she is absolutely starving by late morning and had a few sweets. She also confessed that she loves pop and grape juice and typically has about 64oz. of each in the morning; this is a college-educated woman who was absolutely stunned when he told her that she consumed over two thousand calories before lunch!
    You are absolutely right, the food companies make it tremendously difficult to determine the actual nutrition value of food and heavily promote things that are absolute junk. Even with food that is healthful, the concept of “serving size” is still made very hazy and unclear. I think it’s possible that the more educated and aware of what is healthy you become, the more you can scoff and walk away from all the crap that is so heavily advertised and promoted.
    Oh fellow former WW, I love that you knew the answer to her question was “2 points per serving”! That was so thoughtful of you to give her some guidance through the store and in so doing, reinforce in your mind the challenges you are facing as well.
    You can do it!

    • giftprolific says:

      Wow. I am always amazed to hear about people being advised that they are in a dangerous situation and need to change…and then really do nothing about it. It is quite baffling. Ihad such a good time encouraging this woman in the store and it helped to keep me on track as well. I am up too late for me….lol. I can’t wait to hear from you again. Take care. Thanks again.

  2. Christine Lock says:

    Hi Gift!,
    I myself am a big foodie and have had a yo-yo experience with weight and food. I’ve gone from 130kgs to 68kgs, lean and buff as a personal trainer and now I’m up to 87kgs as a result of thyroid issues and chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia. All just a story in itself but never the less. Since becoming sick in 2008 I chose to take the natural approach with my healing. This included food. I was a great eater before getting sick, during my time as a personal trainer. But upon getting sick and researching my ass off (with some great mentors and teachers, in the way of naturopaths etc), I realised that even my so called “great eater” title, wasn’t so great. After many paths, lots of research, trying many different things, I now eat a vegetarian/vegan’ish, Organic, Un-processed, Whole food diet, and my health and life still is and has changed.

    One of “THE” greatest books I have ever read and I have come across in regards to food is a book called “In Defense Of Food – An Eaters Manifesto – By Michael Pollan. . I have handed this book on to all people who are curious and interested in educating themselves on taking control of what they eat and buy in relation to food, what bullshit advertising and scams they are being fed (literally) on food, and the best things to eat to live healthily.
    I highly recommend you read it! I think you’ll be extremely surprised to find that even the “Good For You” Weight Watchers food you and this lovely lady have eaten, are so over processed, laden with chemicals, and hidden sugars, as well as colours, preservatives, and god knows what else. Seriously, empower yourself, and read the book! I think you’re worth it.

    There are also some FANTASTIC documentaries on similar kinds of stuff and how to reverse your weight (and subsequent health issues) by eating a really clean diet. From scratch.
    I’m in Australia, and there is a fantastic company called “Life Changing Docos” – that promote such movies here in Aus. But you can download a lot of these movies on torrent sites etc. One of the doco’s they are currently promoting is called “Fat, Sick and nearly Dead”. Keep an eye out for it or download it if it’s available from any torrent site.

    You’ll learn some interesting things when you start taking control and investigating for yourself. I know I did. My mind continually gets blown away by such things and as a result I’ve taken control of my life, and my body and am on the road to recovery.

    If you’re on facebook, I’d also suggest “Liking” a few pages if you haven’t already. “” or check out their website and subscribe to their emails. They have some great info, and it’s more directed to U.S citizens considering it’s an American based organisation. There is also a great doctor who is not your run of the mill “fill you with drugs or cut you open” kind of doctor. He goes against the grain and I’ve found his stuff highly insightful, well written and great. His name is Doctor Mercola and you’ll find him here

    Well, I think I’ve given you some food for thought. Whether you choose to eat it is your choice. But, If not, then maybe someone else will take this info on board and it will start them on their own journey to health. Hell, they may even get their life back!.

    Knowlegdge IS power, so it really does pay to educate ourselves, especially when the people we’re trying to save in life, is ourself. I believe we’re all worth this much. And life doesn’t have to be painful and we don’t have to take what is shoved in our faces, whether it be by advertising or by the way of a doctor handing us a pill to fix this or that. WE are the ones in control and we don’t have to take things laying down.

    It seems you’re already starting to question things, by what you’ve written in your blog. So things are starting to happen for you. I can see big changes coming for you. You seem like a very passionate, strong, beautiful being, who IS capable and not afraid to go against the grain.

    Onwards and upward Trooper! If there is anything else I can do for you, I’m only too happy to pass on info like the above to you.

    Big Love & warm fuzzies

    • giftprolific says:

      Hi Christine,
      Thanks for reading the blog and thanks for all your info in your post. I have read ‘In Defense Of Food’ and loved it. I have also seen that doc….about the guy with the blender. Thanks for your insight. My own journey….well I have lost 80 pounds. And I am looking to do more. It has been an education to say the least. Hopefully you enjoy the gifts and the paintings in the blog. Take care and thanks again for sharing.

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