The Planning Begins…

Well it is kind of official….Burning Man will use a lottery system this year to sell tickets.  In the newsletter that came out yesterday,  I read that I would have to sign up for tickets with my credit card number and decide which ticket price levels I could afford.  At the end of a 2 week open registration they would pick the slots for you and charge your card.  I kind of like this idea.  It sure beats calling in sick to work and sitting in front of my computer for hours, cursing all the other people ‘in line’ ahead of me.  One year I bought 2 tickets and was charged for 12….My panic increased 12 fold that day.  So I think this will cut down on those kinds of errors too.  One thing is for sure…It is time to start Burning Man 2012 Prep!

Here is a general idea of my needs.  This list will be re-written nearly everyday for the next 294 days.

Living Space (personal)

  1. Tent or Hexayurt Supplies
  2. Sleeping bag and pillows
  3. Sheets
  4. First Aid kit
  5. Mini Broom
  6. Tent stakes, duct tape, rope, tools.

Shared Space (other campers)

  1. Camp Stove
  2. Kitchen Utensils
  3. Table and Camp Chairs
  4. Shade Structure (Rope, Frames, Tarps, Duct Tape, More Rope, Sense of Humor, 15 people to set it up for us…)
  5. Uhual Truck Converted to a lounge.
  6. Shower and evaporation pond supplies.
  7. Coolers….Water and Gatorade.
  8. Lights

Gallery Space

  1. 60 foot Geodesic Dome.
  2. 8 half sheets of plywood and stands.
  3. Lights.
  4. Music….PA system.
  5. Carpet and tape.
  6. Tools….hanging hardware for the art.
  7. The Gift Prolific Art in 12 rubbermaid boxes.
  8. Gift Receiver Paperwork
  9. Clipboards
  10. Lighted ‘Gift Prolific’ Sign
  11. Generator.
  12. Camera.

Other (Other stuff  for Burning Man)

  1. Giving without strings attached.
  2. Art and creativity.
  3. Being myself.
  4. Patience.
  5. Ability to not take it all too seriously.
  6. No drama, complaining, or bullshit.
  7. The courage to create what you want!
  8. Respect for those attending.
  9. Family….(my mom has gone 2 times with me….and Theresa (9 timer) and Darwin (2 years old)may go this year.
  10. Paints and canvas….(I will be finishing 8 gifts on the playa as well as painting them.)






About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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