Day 66 – Sometimes You Just Need A Dollar

Sometimes you just need an extra dollar.  We have all done it….run low on funds the day before payday.  The customer in my line is buying lunch…a turkey wrap and a bag of BBQ chips.  The total comes to 5.98.  She has a five in her hand and is searching frantically for change in all of her pockets.  She looks at me rather embarrassed…”Can you take the chips off the bill please?”  I hate that feeling.  Feeling like you are so broke that you can’t even afford a whole lunch.  Feeling like the universe is letting you down.  “I got it…don’t worry.  You shouldn’t split up this fabulous lunch.” I say as I pull out a dollar from my own wallet and put it in my drawer.  She is quite surprised by this.  She thanks me a few times and I bag her lunch and send her on her way.  I bet that made her day.  Sometimes you just need a dollar.

I painted an octopus because sometimes the challenges we face are so great….we don’t have enough arms to deal with them all.  We are already at our full capacity.  And we just can’t muster that extra bit.  This is an opportunity for others to step in and help out a little bit.  People have helped me out in those moments more than a few times this year….and in a way doing this gift was paying them back.  Honoring their help by passing it along.  Helping someone when they are down to their last 5 bucks.  It was really cool.  Oh and I really wanted to see if I could fit an octopus on one canvas…for Craig.


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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2 Responses to Day 66 – Sometimes You Just Need A Dollar

  1. mom says:

    Nice…….and a Great Octopus! Running at full capacity, find another hand to pass it along.

  2. giftprolific says:

    My friend Craig teases me because years ago I made a small octopus tryptic painting. It spread across three small canvasses. He always teases me that any artist worth their salt could have painted the same thing on ONE canvas. So that is what the last sentence of this post is about.

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