Day 53 – Halloween’s Gonna Steal Your Wallet

Pumpkins ain’t cheap!  Every year around this time parents are are loading up their kids and carting them off to the pumpkin patches all across the country!  Shelling out hundreds of dollars for a vegetable that is rarely eaten, and is usually left outside to rot for a few days.  All in the name of Halloween.  Now don’t get me wrong….I freakin’ love Halloween.  It is my favorite of all of the holidays!  The gifting nature of Halloween is still mostly intact….Some folks give candy, others give great performances and costumes.  Many people really go big on decorations to help families have memorable thrills and chills on the one big night.  But pumpkins ain’t cheap.  I am standing in our driveway talking to Brian, our upstairs neighbor.  He is a dad too.  His 3 year old son Colin is here about half the time.  I tell Brian that we have a bunch of pumpkins in the garage….37 at the time of last count.  I gift a few of them to Brian….”take a few pumpkins and carve em up!”  I hope he does.  We are going big this year (like every other year) for Halloween.  Our plan is to carve 50 pumpkins total and scare the heck out of many kids and a few of their parents.  Brian says he is going to grab a few pumpkins for Saturday night.  I am glad I could make this gift.  He is our new neighbor and he seems really cool.  And pumpkins ain’t cheap!

This painting is really about that hypnotism that all parents go through.  We are made to feel that if we don’t buy the right things then that makes us bad parents….mediocre at best!  But I am shooting to be average dad.  Not super dad…certainly not terrible dad….Just average dad.  Lol.  Don’t fall into the traps!  Be who you are.  Buy the cheap grocery store pumpkins…..make your own costumes!  Make your own decorations!  Your personality will come through and that’s what creates Halloween memories.  Not store bought costumes and pumpkin pattern carving kits (although these are a lot of fun).  You being you for Halloween….wow.


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My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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One Response to Day 53 – Halloween’s Gonna Steal Your Wallet

  1. Linda Garrity says:

    This one’s great!!!! It was our town’s annual Halloween Walk, filled with hundreds and hundreds of families with little kids Trick or Treating at each store in the downtown shopping area. I was wishing I had a little kid on me, so that I could collect the goods and not have to buy my own stuff to pass out on Monday! But I was thinking, “What are they all going to do with all that candy?”
    There’s a temporary Halloween costume store a few blocks away from us-when we passed it, the parking lot was jammed full of cars and I was thinking to myself that I’ve never bought an actual costume for either me or our sons.
    I did sew quite a few costumes throughout their young lives, the most memorable one being the year I committed the #1 cardinal “no no” of costumes and made the cape too long so that he could wear it a few years, so of course at the second house, he tripped on the neighbor’s doorstep, and got quite the gash above his left eye, leaving me with a hemorrhaging vampire (who should have been able to solve his own problem, if you think about it-wait a minute, do vampires even bleed?), a young baby, and a physician husband who of course was out of town at some conference (as he somehow managed to be for most family emergencies-what’s up with that?) Good times…..
    The essence of what you wrote is so spot on though……kid’s don’t remember things, they remember experiences, even everyday outings if they are lucky enough to have the full attention of who they are with. Somehow, I imagine that you already know that and are making quite a life of memories for young Darwin.
    Hey, I went to the World’s Finest Chocolate factory outlet store today-tell Theresa they have many products other than the now downsized original fund-raiser bars that aren’t as good as she remembered, including barrels full of highly discounted bags of chocolate that didn’t make it through the wrapping machine. In a magical world, I would come by your house on Monday, be prepared to be scared out of my wits, and drop some off, but instead I’ll just be thinking “Pumpkin’s ain’t cheap!” and wondering what memories you are making for you son…..

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