Day 45 – Moving in Circles

Sometimes this is just too easy.  Really.?!  I am leaving the gym.  It is a nice fall night in Daly City.  In the parking lot, there is a man and his girlfriend and they are changing the wheel on their car.  I think to myself how glad I am that sometimes the opportunity to give just presents itself! I stroll over and ask them if they need any help.  “Nah, I think we got it.” says the guy.  Just then his hand slips off the wheel wrench and smacks the pavement.  “Ouch!”  It looks like it hurt.  So I get down and grab the wrench and help take off the lug nuts on the wheel.  He rolls the ‘donut’ wheel over and I place it on the car and tighten up the lug nuts in a star pattern…I forget which of my two brothers taught me to do that….and wonder how they are doing.  Then I try to stay present.  I finish and shake his hand.  “Hey man, thanks a lot.” he says.  It was nice.  We stand around and talk a bit more…and then I head for the BART train.  Easy as pie….or ‘pi’.  Whatever.

Today’s painting represents this project  as a whole.  Things move in circles sometimes.  I wanted to illustrate the nature of the whole project somehow.  Try to encompass all things that are the Gift Prolific.  The enso in the middle (white) represents the daily meditation aspect of the project.  The colors signify all the different paintings.  And the geometry represents the gifting and seeing how it moves through my life and world.  I feel like I could work on this painting for another 10 hours and it still wouldn’t be done.  As it is, it has taken 2 nights to finish.  So I have to  move on.  I will be making a bigger piece like this soon.  I want to explore this idea some more.  Really see where it goes.

SOUNDTRACK:  (Bands) Bonobo, Barn Owl, Cult of Luna, Tool.


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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2 Responses to Day 45 – Moving in Circles

  1. Linda Garrity says:

    I had a similar experience today… in the Chicagoland suburbs, we have a Farmers’ Market, where families from surrounding states come once a week with their fruit, vegetables, etc. Today is a very dreary, windy, rainy, cold, flat out crappy October day where the damp chill cuts right through you. When buying my favorite Honey Crisp apples (only available here for a short period of time), I have a short conversation with the girl at the booth, ending with telling her how much I appreciate them making such an effort to come and bring us their wholesome foods. She replies, “I just love it when people tell me that; it makes it so much more meaningful to be here”. And that was that….
    Your painting is striking, so simple yet so full of meaning. I have a mandela that I got from one of the artists associated with 29gifts that looks somewhat similar; the artist’s description of that particular one reads, “Emerging from the center. Penetrating the vulnerable flowering heart. Gratitude for the continuous unfolding and enfolding. Love, the living mandala.”
    I think your painting represents something along those lines as well……thank you for sharing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I never have the right words to describe how good this painting and your thoughts are, not only can you put it on canvass but being able to explain it makes it so much deeper. And in the explanation you are also able to tell us how you got there and the people you meet and spend a few minutes with along the way. Your one AMAZING person and the world would be a much better place with more people like you in it! Keep on keepin’ on!

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