Day 33 – Self Amputation For Liberation

Aron Ralston is a badass!  Don’t agree with me….watch this.  Yes it is the guy from ‘127 Hours’.  I am reading his book right now.  One of the first things that strikes me about Aron is that even in this incredible situation, his ‘freakout’ was minimal.  Yes he panicked.  But he also caught himself and calmly started making decisions to free himself.  I don’t know if I would have the same decision making ability in that kind of crisis.  But I do know someone who would…My older brother Tom.  Tom is the kind of guy that takes in the information of a situation and processes it quickly…and then acts.  Many of is would stand around wondering what to do…Tom’s just not that way.  After seeing a car fly into the local waterway he immediately exited his vehicle, jumped into the water,  and worked tirelessly to help free the people inside the car.  He is a badass!  So today I just wanted to appreciate him.  I am sending him the dvd of ‘127 Hours’.  I think he will really like this story.  I hope he does.

This painting is a tribute to Aron Ralston.  After being stuck under a boulder for five days he severed his arm with a cheap and dull bladed multi-tool.  If you watch the video that I linked earlier you can see the happiness run through his body even when he re-enacts the moment that he frees himself.  I feel like we should all live our lives for those moments.  Realizing that this is our shot to be what we want…to make our life as we see fit.  To decide to liberate ourselves from out own suffering.  Thanks Aron…and thank you Tom for being such a great brother.


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My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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2 Responses to Day 33 – Self Amputation For Liberation

  1. Tom Coffy says:

    Just saw this one Josh, very cool. Thank you for this! I think that you give more credit than i deserve. I love the symbolism of the tool in the painting. It allows the painting to change with your perspective as you get older, get put in different situations, and as you come to terms with all of lifes challenges. Keep it up! -Tom

  2. courtney coffy says:

    this painting is very cool.i also like the little tool and i like the circles,it adds a lot of like texture and how you look at the paintings. 🙂

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