Day 31 – Breakfast is ON!

“I put you in Demo, I hope that’s cool.  If you could help on bread for a half hour and then you and Sarah are gonna make a breakfast feast for everyone!  We got a ton of people here today.”  Greg says to me.  I don’t even think we said hello.  Working at Trader Joe’s is kind of like that sometimes….like a never ending conversation.  At any rate I am excited to be up early and getting a chance to make breakfast for the morning crew.  I will gladly get paid to cook!  These mornings are the best.  I meet up with Sarah and we plan what we are gonna make….Breakfast Burritos!  Awe yeah.  We round up all the stuff…and start cooking.  I make 4 dozen scrambled eggs and my favorite veggie stir fry for burritos.  It includes Bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and arugula (or spinach).  It smells awesome.  We call for people to come eat.  Everyone seems to love it.  I had a great time cooking for people.  What a cool gift.  It’s like a co-gift….managers ok the food and someone cooks it.  So fun.  People thank me all day.  This gift is one of my favorites.

MMMM.  Food art.  It is hard to paint cool food art I think.  Sometimes still life paintings of pears get so redundant.  I would like to finish this one out but I am limiting myslef to 2 hours today.  I would also like to add something that is not food related.  I do however really like the geometric thing going on here.  I will do more of this in the future.  I need to learn to do that faster.  Today I also feel like I have had a mini breakthrough….(It’s just one painting….you can paint many many more.  Don’t over work things.  Get it right or let it be….and move on.  Fix it next time.)  That sounded better in my head then on here.  I guess I am saying that this painting may not be your masterpiece.  Get out of the way and let the art make itself.  You stand in the way of just letting it flow sometimes.  Does this make sense?


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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One Response to Day 31 – Breakfast is ON!

  1. Tom Coffy says:

    I can smell it cooking….

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