Day 27 – Heal Thyself….or not.

I am walking the floor at work.  I work at Trader Joe’s.  It has been a pretty cool time for me working here.  People like me, mostly.  I enjoy talking to customers, mostly.  Retail can be strange though.  A woman dressed in ER scrubs wanders in looking tired.  It’s only 9 am…so this must mean she works on the overnights.  She is complaining about how we remodeled the store…and that she can’t find anything.  I want to tell her how much I really…..really don’t give a crap.  But I smile and try to ignore her.  I walk the store some more.  Looking for customers that need help.  I run into her again.  She seems confused…and annoyed.  I apologize and show her to the peanut butter.  And then, I go and get a small bunch of flowers.  I scratch off the barcode so the cashier won’t charge her for them and give them to her.  She hugs me and starts tearing up.  She explains to me the rough night she had in the ER finding a huge blood clot in the lungs of a mother of five.  She had to push hard for the proper tests…but had a hunch that this woman’s fatigue was bigger than a general infection and she was right.  So the flowers really made her morning.  I guess I shouldn’t have sort of written her off in the first place.  I am glad that I could find a way to change my initial perception of her and that we could share a joyous giving moment.

Today’s painting is of about my own general need (and yours) to make health a priority.  If you don’t have your health, you have nothing.  My family doesn’t go to the doctor much.  I am working hard to change that.  I must now make my health my number one priority or I risk, blindness, stroke, heart attack, amputation, infection, and many other major problems.  This painting represents that for me.  Are you taking your health condition seriously?  What are you doing to challenge your condition?


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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