Day 26 – Unshakable Truths

Helping others is compassion exemplified.  It feels good.  And I believe it raises my ‘life condition’.  So much so that it helps me to step back and look at things in a much more clear way.   Helps me to decide what is important for me.  It helps me find and polish my unshakable truths.  One of which is that I love helping people.  For many years I have been involved in various fundraising campaigns.  This kind of action suits me. I enjoy talking about issues that I care deeply about and I certainly have no fear in asking anyone and everyone for money or support in some way.  It is something that I feel I am very good at.  And it comes easy to me because I feel that helping people is truly one of my life’s callings.  Today I helped Theresa do a little bit of fundraising.  She is walking and raising money for the American Diabetes Association.  They are having an event ‘Step Out:Walk to Stop Diabetes‘ this Friday downtown.  She pledged to raise 200 bucks….and last I checked she was within 5 bucks of that goal.  Not bad for her first charity walk.  I helped a little….I asked people at work.  I wrote a note talking about my recent diagnoses and how awesome it was that my wife was raising money for people living with diabetes.  They provide clear info on diagnoses, treatment, recipes, and all kinds of other great things.  So go Theresa….I am glad I could help.  The gift….I guess is to the ADA itself and to support Theresa on her journey.

Today’s painting focuses on unshakable truths.  I experience these truths as a light cutting through the fog.  Things I know that cannot be moved.  Things that are authentic to me.  Things even I cannot move deep from inside of me.  I think about what my truths might be a lot.  What are yours?  I know, that one of mine, is that I feel heavily compelled to help people.  When you do things for others your life is instantly transformed.  It is one of the cornerstones of this project.  I am working to know my other unshakable truths.  And I know that this project will help me to not uncover them…..but to communicate them more effectively.  What are some of your truths?


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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