Day 13 – Attack of the Sea Harpie

As I walk into Lucky I hear a shrill voice complaining to her cashier about the non use of plastic bags or something….Sigh.  As a cashier you tend to pick up quickly the vibe of some people.  Anyone who has ever worked retail knows what I mean.  As this crazy lady walks by me she is complaining loudly “What a bitch!  Maybe I should go to school and get a job being a cashier….” And on and on she goes.  Really making herself the spectacle.  I think ‘back to the sea with you, harpie!’ and go get my groceries.  When I get to the checkout I must have not realized but was in the ‘abused’ cashier’s line.  I smile.  She smiles back.  I tell her that I am a cashier too and I have been there.  She gets it.  I tell her to not let crazy people ruin your shift.  She smiles.  As I walk out of the store it hits me…GIFT!!!!  I walk next door to the frozen yogurt shop and by 3 gift cards for 5 dollars each.  I walk back in and give one of them to this cashier.  She laughs and says ”You don’t need to do that!”  But I tell her that it is just something little that I wanted to do.  She smiles again.  I leave.  I decide that I will keep the other 2 gift cards in my wallet for gift opportunities like this one.

This one seems pretty simple and self explanatory considering the above story.  I didn’t really know what else to paint.  Theresa suggested that it should be a little cartoon like…so there is that.  I think it gets the story across.  So I am happy with it.  Have a great day out there.  And be nice to your cashiers or we will break your eggs when you are not looking!


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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7 Responses to Day 13 – Attack of the Sea Harpie

  1. Tom Coffy says:

    Great idea to have a couple of those on you through the day!

  2. Barb says:

    Hahahahahahahah he is so cute,

  3. Kristen says:

    …..or break your chips into little crumbs!! Haha. No but I really like todays painting!! I mean I love anything with a little toon to it 😉

    But I also love the story behind it. Luckys and safeway cashiers have it so hard!! Eight hours a day behind those registers! I never really understood until I was hating life after just 2 hours on reg at tj’s. Then I thought about all the cashiers at my old work and I could suddenly understand why they were mostly so grumpy! (Especially Amy! Haha.)

  4. Linda Garrity says:

    Or pee in your soup, I hear!

    I really dislike many people in customer service positions (and one of the reasons why I love shopping at TJ’s), but often try to put myself in their position of having to deal with the all the crap that customers decide is necessary to heap upon them day after day.

    Very sweet that you spoke with understanding and empathy and made an extra effort to be a bright spot in that cashier’s day….

    Theresa has good instincts-love the cartoon-like quality of today’s painting.

  5. I think this one is PERFECT! Definitely one of my favs as well… I also think it would be a pretty awesome advertisement for an awesome frozen yogurt place!

  6. superryan says:

    Amazing Josh!!!! Simply one of the most superb things at burning man this year. Your gifting is inspirational.

    This fine pick was picked up by me and given to one of my best friends who was also on the playa for his bday. He was #73 in lne and I was #17. I knew this pick wouldn’t last so I snagged it, kept it a secret and gave it to him as my partner and I left the playa. This was such an amazing experience. Thank you so much!

    • giftprolific says:

      Thnk you for sharing your story! Wow how cool is that. I am glad you got it and gifted it to your friend. Thanks for the support and the nice compliment. Take care, and I will talk to you soon. Thanks again….just awesome.

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