Day 9 – Clean Brushes….Clean Livin

I am torturous on paintbrushes.  In fact, I probably ruin about half of all the ones I ever buy.  The ones that don’t get ruined sit in a cup in the studio covered in old paint.  The cement like paint has fused most of their bristles together making them completely unusable.  So today’s gift is a gift to me…and the project itself.  I set up a table in the backyard with a few cups filled with water and Orange Cabinet Glue Remover.  I have been sitting here for a few hours meticulously cleaning each brush.  I must have like 40 of them….ugh. I hate cleaning brushes.  Some of them can’t be helped.  So they are relegated to the trash.  As I work I think about how it is something I never want to do for myself.  How I usually just go buy new brushes, and spend a lot more money.  Then I think….”This is what gifts are all about…”  Giving something to someone that needs it, and most likely would not do it/buy it for themselves.  Plus the project needs to be done right…and you can’t make good paintings without some decent materials.

This painting is a direct representation of how I feel about today’s gift.  I got some “like new” brushes….so I can really go forward on this project.  There is something very Zen about starting out with good materials and building a very strong foundation for this project.  Things flow better when you have what you need.  This painting came together very fast.  I would like to rework some of it as I really like it.  I want to add a few paper lanterns, some more detail on the tree, and possibly a bird’s nest in the turtle.  But this works for now….maybe I will make my idea into a bigger painting.  Later.


About giftprolific

My name is Joshua Coffy and I am an artist living in San Francisco. You can see my art at as well. Thanks for your time.
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One Response to Day 9 – Clean Brushes….Clean Livin

  1. marissasalsa says:

    dearest joshy,
    your project is such a beautiful example of the thoughtful and kind person that you are, and quite an inspiration. consider keeping a few of the unusable brushes to repurpose and gift. think:
    hugs to you and the fam,
    mm + bb

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