Sunnyside Landmark…(Birds of SF #3)

I have been up since 6am this morning.  Early mornings are not all that unusual for me.  I wouldn’t normally note this except that ever since I woke up I have been thinking about where to place today’s bird print.  I kind of wanna stay in my neighborhood as I will be at my studio most of the day.  And then it hits me!  The Sunnyside Conservatory would be a great place to leave one.  The Conservatory is on Monterey Blvd. and is kind of a hidden landmark in the city.  The building itself dates back to 1901.  It was once a Conservatory of flowers much like the more famous one in Golden Gate Park.  Owners of the conservatory have included a balloon aircraft inventor who was killed by a locomotive; a woman named “Temperance” who named the conservatory “Sunnyside Laboratories” and planned to turn it into a sanitarium; and an entrepreneur who marketed bottled water fortified with mineral supplements in the 1920s.   In 1975 the building was mistakenly marked for demolition and was almost completely destroyed!  (oopsies!)  When we moved to San Francisco we found it by geocaching.  The older building was in disarray and in need of many repairs.  A few years ago the people of Sunnyside got the necessary donations and signatures together to get it rebuilt.  The new building is a thing of beauty!  Many of the plants and gardens have been on the spot for over a hundred years.  Now they host weddings and jazz concerts there.  Its a really nice place to walk to in my neighborhood and a perfect place to land a bird.

Today’s bird print was created on Friday night at a live painting gig that I had.  I didn’t quite finish it on Friday so yesterday I added a few things.  This is Bullock’s Oriole.  I chose to paint him mostly based on his colors and striking plumage.  They fly through San Francisco in the Summer.  There isn’t really much to illustrate my city in this one, sorry.  Just know that this little guy is a seasonal resident….maybe even here at the Conservatory.  Have a great day.  I hope someone enjoys this little guy and sends a picture to share where they placed it in their home….That’s half the fun of this project.  Take care.

BoSF_03_fb   birdinsf3

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Stand Tall (Birds of SF #002)

It is a gorgeous day in the city today.  Darwin and I are headed out to drop off Bird #2.  Something about this one is telling me to go to Crissy Field.  I think it’s because I have seen a few Blue Herons up there eating out of the puddles and small bodies of water.  When we get there, we find TONS of people near the Warming Hut.  Cool.  We look around at a few places to drop it…Finally I decide that building a rock cairn for it seems like the best idea – EVER.  Darwin helps.  We laugh and play in the rocks a bit.  Then I set up the print and take pictures.  Just before we leave we buy 2 boxes of cookies from some nearby Girl Scouts….and talk to the girl’s mother.  I blurt out the premise of the project and we start to make our escape.  As we roll out, I look back to see the Girl Scouts and their mom walk over to check out the print.  Maybe it landed in their home.  I hope they email a picture.  Thanks for reading along.  Take care.

bosf2_place  BoSF_02_fb

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Many Gift Prolific followers ask me where they can buy prints of my artwork.  The answer is my art site at  I recently redesigned the site and am really proud of it.  I would love it if you would take a look.  The newest prints of the ‘Birds of San Francisco’ series will all be for sale on that site as well.  Thanks!  Hope you are all having a wonderful day.


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Take Off (BofSF #001)

This is the official launch of the new project.

The first bird in the series is an Anna’s Hummingbird.  These little fast paced birds are all over city.  Rushing to and from, they sometimes go unnoticed.  Kind of like commuters.  In this painting I included a Muni bus transfer from my birthday.  I kind of love Muni and I kind of hate it too.  I suppose lots of people feel that way about the bus system here.

I wanted to leave the first one in a really good place.  And in my head I had many arguments for several locations in the city.  The Castro won out when I got on the bus to go place the print.  In my head I was going to take the picture of the painting in front of the rainbow flag but when I got to the Castro this spot seemed to fit perfectly.  This is a very busy part of town.  Some of my favorite shops are right here….Cliffs Variety Store, Local Take, Hot Cookie…etc.  This is right on front of Twin Peaks bar and the World famous Castro Theater.  Many people call this Gay Mecca.  I have always enjoyed the Castro.  So here we go.  Taking flight!

web001   bird1

BofSF #001 – Landed

I just got a call from Olga Stromberg. She lives in the Castro and a friend of hers gifted the bird print to her yesterday. She was very excited as she loves birds. I was very excited to hear that someone got the print and really enjoys it. Thank you Olga! Take care!

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Birds of San Francisco begins…

birdsofsfAs most of you know I love to paint birds.  I also love San Francisco.  Birds are a diverse bunch.  They come in all shapes and sizes and each bird has something so special about it.  Much like the citizens of my fair city.  So I have been thinking about a new project….

This week I turned 39 years old.  It’s not shocking or anything.  But I want to do something fun and cool and maybe you would be interested in following along.  Each month I am going to paint 1 to 4 little bird paintings that reference San Francisco.  These birds will most likely be residence of the city by the bay.  Then I am going to make a wood mounted print of that painting.  And here is where it gets fun….

I am going to take that print and place it somewhere in San Francisco!  It could be a park bench, a bus stop, a BART Train, coffee shops….wherever I want to show off my city.  I will post a picture of the print on its perch on the project’s facebook page and my instagram and this blog.  Good luck!  I hope you get one of the many prints that I will let fly in the city.

My hope is that people will read the attached note and participate in the project.  I am hoping people will post pics and send me an email telling me what they did with the print.  Did they gift it?  Did they keep it?  Is it in their home?  Office? etc.

At the end of the year, for my 40th birthday, I hope to stage an art show with all of the original paintings of the Birds of San Francisco.

Prints and wood mounted prints will be made available on my site at

THANK YOU for playing along.  I will be placing my first bird print tomorrow sometime.  Take care!!!  and good luck.

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A Little Bird Told Me…

Have you heard the rumors?  Next Thursday (Jan. 29th) new things will be happening at The Gift Prolific.  Yep.  But I can’t say anything about it yet.  Can’t count your chickens before they hatch.  See you all soon.


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Veteran’s Day Gift….

Yesterday morning (Sunday) I woke up early.  It was the last day of 2014 SF Open Studios.  I was excited to go to Modern Eden Gallery and hang out.  They asked me to be their featured artist, not only for Open Studios but all the way through December 6th.  Pretty cool right?!  Anyway back to the story…Theresa and Darwin got up and we decided to go to our local breakfast spot.  As we sit and order food I notice that the man sitting at the table next to us had an 85th Airborne hat on.  He was built like a military man and had a few tattoos that just gave me that vibe that he had actually served our country.  Him and his wife got their food just before we did.  We got ours and grubbed out as any hungry family would.  Just then I noticed the server bring the man and his wife their bill.  Before they got a chance to look at it I snatched it up and said ‘Breakfast is on me.’  He looked stunned.  I said ‘You are a veteran right?  It’s Veteran’s Day Weekend.  Thank you for your work and service…’  He smiled and shook my hand as he thanked me.  I then told him that my dad was also a veteran.  His name is Rudy Valderrama…(at least that’s what I remember).  I felt honored to be able to do something nice.  They said their good-byes and thanked me again.  “Nice to be giving again.” I thought.  Take care…..go do something nice for a Veteran on Tuesday.Owl1And if you get a chance check out Modern Eden’s page about me!  I am so honored to be on the list of artists that show at the gallery….I have looked up to so many of them on this list.  It is really cool to be on it now.

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